Web Developing

You only get one chance to make a first impression – so you have to make it count.

It is important to have a striking website, e-commerce platform or app. But it’s not enough. Users must be able to navigate it easily, to find what they are searching for intuitively, and in fewer clicks. Otherwise you will lose them. That’s why we put your users in the spotlight when designing UI and UX. The best way to make an impact is through custom web design.

Your website, e-shop, web app or mobile app is the place where users interact with your business. The easier the process, the higher the conversion rates.

Why does the custom web design matter?

As opposed to using templates, custom web design gives you full control of the outcome. Yes, there are a lot of templates out there, but some business just can’t find the one that resonates with their idea. Choosing a custom web design agency to become part of your team will minimise, or completely eliminate, any restraints.

You might not be aware of the advantages of clean code but know this: Google values it highly. Speaking of Google, search engine optimization is another matter you should take into consideration. A custom-built website gives you more opportunities for SEO. Other advantages are customisation, stability and responsiveness.

Also, don’t forget to have branding that follows your visual cue. When put in the context of your overall brand identity, graphic design is a powerful tool that helps you stand out from the competition. While templates might resemble each other, custom-made websites are unique.

However, just because something is unique doesn’t mean it’s useful. This is why user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) go hand in hand with web design.

What is the difference between User Interface design and User Experience design?

To keep it simple, UI design is how your website, e-shop or app looks and how users can interact with it, UX design is how everything works behind the looks.

Eximius Solutions is a custom website design company. We work to bring your idea to reality and ensure it is functional, stable and user-friendly.

How our process of custom-built websites, e-commerce, or apps works

First step is doing a research about your business, your users, your market and your competition. This will give us a comprehensive understanding of where you want to go.

Then we gather our developers, designers and user experience experts to identify all the issues of a technical, usage or business nature so we can create an architecture with straightforward guidelines for each team member. All the while we keep your customer journey map in mind.

What follows is wireframing – meaning we create a simple visual representation of the website’s or app’s layout. We then design a mock-up, by adding some visual elements to a wireframe, before making it all interactive so you can get an idea how the elements of the website or app will work with each other. This becomes a prototype for initial testing.

The next step is to bring the prototype we agree upon to life through development, design and user testing. Once you give us satisfactory feedback, your website/app is touched up and ready to go live.