What is a strategy consulting?
If you’re connected to something, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a company, a friend, or even your clothes. It’s hard to tell if it’s time to fix things.
Consulting a stranger on how to do business is like blaming your son or telling you that your favorite suit has gone completely out of style. So if you want your child to succeed and people don’t laugh at your clothes, it’s better to face these obstacles.
If you are in a bad economic situation, look for a consultant for your business strategy.

What is the concept of strategy consulting?
Business consultants are a group of professionals who analyze a company and its market to identify the elements that are compatible and compatible with that company. These elements include strategic guidelines, tasks, perspectives and values, market position, target group, goals and value chain.
All of this will ensure sustainable long-term results that create prosperity and benefit business owners and shareholders. It also ensures the safety of employees and the provision of products and services that society needs, and all of this is done without harming society.

Answer these questions to find out if your company needs a strategy consultant.

Is Your Business Harmful?
Of course, one or two loss-making courses in a row does not mean that you need advice. However, you need to analyze the economic situation to see if your strategies work. Do your competitors benefit? These can give you clues.

Are you losing market share?
This question is the same as any other question but has a more serious signal that is not certain. You have to decide whether strategic advice is required.

Is the company losing its executives?
Managers have a long history in their company. The company is ready to keep them at all costs. The loss of a company’s top executives can be a sign that they don’t believe in the direction the company wants to take.

Are the company’s strategic decisions vague and confusing?
Of course, friction and disagreement in decisions are a matter of course. However, if the ambiguity is too great, this can indicate strategic problems.

Does the company use business process management techniques?
Defining a strategy without defining business optimization processes for adding value is a complex task, especially if you do not have management tools or automation software.