Marketing Consulting

Marketing is a new concept. This may sound strange, but the techniques and tools of marketing have changed so much that they are very different from their original meaning. Today’s marketing has different goals than before.
In the past, markets were firm, stable, and possibly predictable, making it difficult for companies to get the best position.
Currently, it is very difficult to predict the market due to the close competition between companies and the presentation of various products by companies. Due to the limited resources and competitiveness of the market, companies are now forcing managers to implement new marketing methods and techniques, customer retention techniques, and marketing training to achieve the highest efficiency and lowest cost for their business.
ICCCO can advise various individuals and companies on marketing issues by examining the reasons for the decline and inefficiency of salespeople and designing and implementing a loyal customer club. Purchasing aims to return capital, which is made possible by managing the portfolio (product portfolio) and developing a new product, communicating effectively with the customer through packaging and color, pricing, product packaging management and ultimately understanding consumer behavior.

How does marketing consulting help your company?
The marketing advice is carried out by a specialist who knows the mechanisms in a particular industry and knows exactly what motivates a brand for the target customers. Therefore, according to the products or services that a company offers, marketing advice helps its business owners plan the different dimensions of their marketing strategies. These dimensions include creating a marketing plan, determining the appropriate target market, identifying the message a brand is to convey to customers and describing each of the components of the marketing mix.

Of course, marketing Consulting doesn’t end here, but they’ll be with you every step of the way you plan to implement the strategy, and even after you’ve implemented the strategies with you, they’ll analyze the results and, if necessary, create changes in the marketing plan to better form Achieve marketing goals for your brand.

What we can do for you?

  • Market analysis
  • Product development
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Branding and brand management
  • Creation of an effective and efficient CRM system
  • Training and development of the sales and marketing team
  • Analysis of the sales and marketing system in the organization
  • Design, implement loyalty programs and implement a loyal customer club
  • Pricing of products, services and definition of dynamic pricing strategies
  • Development and implementation of various target market selection strategies