Business Diagnostic

Concept of Business diagnostic: 

The belief in continuous improvement of the organization motivates managers to always try to identify and solve the root of the problem in order to improve productivity. In the meantime, you can rely on effective management and benefit from the experience of the technicians to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, so that by maintaining the current markets, entering new markets and increasing the profitability of the organization is guaranteed can be.

The business diagnostic process includes the following steps:

  • Identifying the problems
  • Finding the causes
  • solutions for solving the problems

The goals of business diagnostics are:

  • Identify the weaknesses and complications of the organization
  • Determine the strengths and opportunities of the organization
  • Identify and analyze the existing environment to assess the organization’s performance
  • Providing scientific and practical solutions to problems
  • Definition of applied education and research
  • Prevent the loss of organizational financial resources on non-practical projects
  • Improve productivity and profitability indicators
  • Careful analysis of the structure, the process, the goals and strategies of the organization and its improvement

At ICCCO, we will thoroughly review your company (personnel status, managers, processes, marketing and sales, system and structure, pricing for products and services, strategies, digital marketing, etc.). Based on the experience and expertise of our managers and experts, we can determine what the problem is with your organization and your company and which obstacles are preventing the company’s growth and what ultimately needs to be done to solve it.

To find the problems, the manager’s report on the previous and current situation of the organization and the company is first received, and then the specific technical questionnaires of each department are sent to the relevant managers and superiors, and the answers are analyzed by our experts.

Finally, a detailed report of the problems is provided to the heads of the organization and the company.

After the problem-finding process, a plan is developed and then implemented and implemented to fix the problem for each section. After that, the implementation method is taught to the customer service company’s team, and finally, at the company’s request, monitoring and control are performed to correct and update the plans to prevent the team’s standard deviation from the intended indicators.