Service Category: Sales & Marketing

Sales Plan & Strategy

Marketing Strategy: Marketing planning by focusing on the actual and potential opportunities leads to an increase in the sale. This effectiveness is such that by using the company’s strengths the corporate are be able to win in the competitive market with having competitive advantages. The marketing strategy is tailored to the industry, the business concept, […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The term digital marketing has been used for two decades as a subset of marketing management and advertising management. With the development of information technology in recent years, the increase in the average online time of users, the widespread use of mobile phones and the increase in the penetration rate of the Internet […]

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Marketing Consulting

Marketing is a new concept. This may sound strange, but the techniques and tools of marketing have changed so much that they are very different from their original meaning. Today’s marketing has different goals than before. In the past, markets were firm, stable, and possibly predictable, making it difficult for companies to get the best […]

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